The establishment of DAAPI has its roots in experiences of the founder, Dr. Queronica Q. Quartey, when she started work in 1982 at the then National Council on Women and Development, the Government of Ghana machinery for the integration of women into development processes at all levels.  Initially working on the UN Decade on Women and its themes on Equality, Development and Peace that targeted government and non-governmental/civil society organisations sooner she realised an interplay between work, family and productivity of labour.

Through the years her researches, consultancies and capacity building programmes as well as media reviews, Dr. Quartey has been more convinced about the need for innovation and creativity to strategically mange all three variables since they are key to human dignity, prosperity and secured communities.

Details of her experiences point at:

a.      Growing absence of parents and communal support in the home, with associated inadequate nurturing and self-worth of children

b.      Growing stress of men as women’s incomes increase, and a sense of inadequacy and loss of leadership in the home

c.      Increasing loss of demarcation of work and family time resulting in decreasing quality time with spouses and dependents

d.      Difficulties in women availing themselves for quality capacity building programmes, job opportunities and/or meeting some work demands because of child and home care, and insecurity of some husbands

e.      Increasing demands on women’s resources towards the family and home vis-à-vis investment in their productive activities

f.       Increasing domestic violence and family instability as women’s incomes scale up

g.      Demands for family life education and home management skills by both men and women

h.      Increasing society malfunction related to poor self-worth, gender-based violence, family instability, harmful migration and  terrorism

Failed attempts at organisation approach to support the redress of the issues include the establishment of Family Haven, Graceland Consult Ltd. and Springs Human Resource Support Services. Funding was provided by Dr. Quartey. However, major constraints that faced these organisations included inadequate personnel and administrative/office support.

An office and training centre complex is being established at New Ashongman in Accra by Dr. Quartey to support DAAPI and  its NGO programme under Labour Productivity Centre. Professionals will be hired on need basis. ISPACE, a renowned technology and business development hub in Accra is offering her some coaching under its Unlocking Women And Technology (UWAT) Programme.

More importantly, the complex will be opened as a shared workspace and offer administrative support to start-ups in its enclave to help them scale over the initial challenges Dr. Quartey has had in her business journey.

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